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Attracting potential buyers to your home and making it stand out from all the others in the area is the goal when selling a home. In order to do this, you want to make buyers feel more at ease by having a certified pre-owed home.

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How do I get a certified pre-owed home status?

You want to have all the proper inspections done on your home to make sure buyers feel safe when it comes to buying your home, and you want to fully understand the home inspection process. One of the biggest concerns a buyer has is that a seller will hide issues that can cost them time and money down the road.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is done by a professional inspector who is trained to assess the physical structure and systems of a property. It’s important to note that there are many types of inspections and each inspector may be specially trained to handle that type of system or part of the home.

The inspection is a visual assessment that helps to inspector determine the condition of things like the roof, foundation, and systems that include those used for heating and cooling. They may also check for pests, electrical issues, and fire hazards.

You should receive an inspection report and a pre-inspection agreement from the licensed inspector. Keep in mind that these inspections are not part of the inspections that will be completed by the buyer’s lender once you accept an offer on the home.

The reports will list any problems that are found and also the recommendations for repairs or renovations. Once things are repaired, an additional inspection can be completed to show the changes and create a positive reference.

Having these reports on hand can help a buyer feel more confident in the purchase being made because it shows that you’ve taken the time to have a certified pre-owed home that is backed up by positive reports.

Getting a Pre-Appraisal When Selling a Home

Should I get a pre-inspection?

If you want your home to have a certified pre-owed status that is meant to put buyers at ease, you’ll want to have these pre-inspections completed in a timely manner before the listing. This will give you enough time to make any repairs and adjustments that are needed without creating a need to change listing details, which can be a red flag to buyers.

We understand that the process seems invasive, but it’s best to have the pre-inspections completed at this point rather than to wait for the buyer’s inspector to check the property for issues. Doing this will save you time and money as you move towards closing the deal.

Why do I need inspections and an appraisal?

Home inspections and appraisals can help you when it comes to setting the right asking price and creating listing details. The inspections alert you to things that need to be fixed, and the appraisal helps determine the actual value of the property.

Home Inspection

Having these done at the beginning creates a comfort zone that lowers the risk of having the sale fall through later or in having to adjust the asking price. These inspections also let the buyer know that you care about the home, and that you have their best interest in mind as they complete the purchase.

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Who orders and pays for inspections?

Because these are independent inspections that are done for your benefit, you’ll be the one who covers the cost involved. Consider this money well invested, however, as it will create a favorable condition for the sale.

Home Inspection Report

These inspections differ from the ones that are completed by the buyer’s lender after you’ve accepted an offer. The cost for those inspections will be added to the closing costs that may be paid by the buyer unless other provisions are made in the contract.

Closing Costs for Phoenix Home Sellers

What kind of inspections are done?

Home inspectors are looking for things that are broken, defects, and damages so that they can make suggestions on what needs to be addressed before the buyer sees the property.
The inspector may check structural features that include the walls, ceilings, roof, floors, foundation, attic, and basement spaces. They will look for leaks and other issues that could undermine the structural integrity of the home.

Home Inspection

Checking the electrical wiring and the condition of any electrical components is extremely important when it comes to making sure everything is up to code. They may also check light fixtures, appliance hookups, and the age of the current wiring.

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If you have a fireplace and a chimney, an inspector will check the flue liners and make sure there is nothing wrong with the internal brickwork. They check the cap and make sure that the ventilation is set up correctly so that smoke is removed properly.

All heating and cooling systems will be checked to make sure they are running efficiently and have no issues. The last thing you want are ventilation issues that could be fire hazards.
The inspector will check all plumbing elements, and anything connected to that system. They will inspect water heaters, toilet connections, and any other structures used.

How do I prepare for the certified pre-owed inspections?

Getting the home and property ready for the inspections can save time and make things easier on those doing the inspections. Here are some helpful tips to get you started on preparing the home for visits by the inspector.

Do your own pre-inspection by walking around the property and home to see if there’s anything that needs your attention. You may find broken screens, leaking faucets, or other things that can be fixed before the inspections take place.

Don’t forget to check the outside buildings and things that may have an impact on the inspections and the appraisal you’re going to get, as well. Preventive measures may just save time and lessen the chance for delays.

Your home is clean, but it’s a good time to go through and do a spring cleaning that hit areas not done in daily cleaning routines. While doing this, replace all smoke alarm batteries and air filters.
Check the lint filter in your dryer and the inside of your dish washer for any issues. When it comes time for inspections, you want these areas free of clothing and dishes in the event that the inspector has those on the list of things to check.

real estate agent with a couple

Remove any items that may prevent the inspector from reaching areas needed for a proper inspection to be completed. You don’t want then to have to step over furniture in the way or move things that are blocking the hot water heater or furnace unit.

Make it easy for the inspector to do their job without needing to pay attention to where they are stepping or where to place items they need to remove. They will appreciate your attention to this detail, and it shows that you truly care about the state of your home and property.

Don’t forget the basement and attic when you’re decluttering. We understand that these areas are used for storage, but you do want the inspector to be able to navigate these spaces safely.

This may seem like a non-issue, but you want to make sure that the utilities are still connected so that the inspector can do the things needed to check systems, electrical wiring, and plumbing. You don’t want to do anything that would cause the inspector to be unable to perform the inspection and need to reschedule the visit.

Make sure all doors are unlocked and that the inspector has access to any area that is needed to complete the inspections. Make sure the utility box is unlocked and that any outdoor buildings that are included in the inspection are open and available.

If you have pets, you want to make sure they are in a safe and secure area for their safety and the safety of the inspector. Having different people in the home that are not usual visitors can stress your beloved pet, and they may act differently than usual in response to that stress.

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Should I be home for inspections?

While you may want to be on hand to answer any questions that are posed by the inspector, you won’t need to follow the inspector around the property while they are doing inspections. We will let you know specifically what is required of you on the day of inspections to make sure you are completely comfortable with that part of the process.

Home Inspection

It may be helpful to compile a list of questions you have for a real estate agent or inspector ahead of time so that nothing is missed when the inspection begins. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about having your home be certified as pre-owed.

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Keep in mind that during the buyer’s inspection, you will want to be away from the home. This gives the buyer and their agent a chance to ask questions and not feel awkward with the seller being close at hand.

How can a real estate agent help?

We’ve had years of experience working with sellers, buyers, and inspectors. For this reason, we can help you find inspectors that are reputable, well-trained, and licensed for this area.

We also know exactly what buyers expect when it comes to inspections, appraisals, and listing details. For this reason, we can help when it comes to answering any questions you may have during these inspections or a buyer may have during future inspections.

We’ll be right there to represent your interest and speak on your behalf. This means that you won’t need to deal directly with the buyer or their agent when it comes to inspection questions.

Pre-owned Certified Homes for Sale

Because you have the proper inspections done to make the home certified pre-owned, you’re showing buyers that there is nothing to be feared by them when it comes to purchasing the property. While no inspection can be 100% guaranteed, the chance that something will be found later down the road is small.

Phoenix Homes for Sale

You’re doing your part to ensure that everything is up to code and ready for the next home owner to step in and begin living in the home. The money you spend on getting the inspections complete is money well invested, and you’re helping your home to stand apart from the rest of the homes in the area.

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