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Things to Consider When Selling Investment Property

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You goal as an investment property owner is to turn a nice profit when selling. You may not think that selling an investment home is different than selling a traditional home, but there are different tax regulations and marketing strategies to consider. Different scenarios can positively or negatively impact the return on your investment. Due … Continued

7 Steps to Selling Investment Property

When selling your investment property, you want to secure the highest return on that investment. The best practice is to work with someone with the experience and knowledge needed to handle the transaction quickly, but it’s a good idea to know as much about the process as possible Here is a seven-step strategy that will … Continued

7 Benefits of Real Estate Investing vs. Stocks

INSTANT INCOME Real estate investments can provide immediate cash flow allowing the investor to have instant income and more control over their capital. Stocks must be sold in order to make a profit, which takes the principal out of play and requires a new investment action. Back To Top NOURISHING YOUR NEST EGG Investing in … Continued

Rehab or Rent Out? Real Estate Investment Tips for Beginners

A Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing Despite the grim economic outlook for some industries, one sector is gaining viability — real estate. According to the 2016 Emerging Trends in Real Estate, which was released by the Urban Land Institute earlier this year, trends such as “18-hour cities” and millennial parents increasing moving from urban … Continued