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INSTANT INCOME  Real estate investments can provide immediate cash flow allowing the investor to have instant income and more control over their capital. Stocks must be sold in order to make a profit, which takes the principal out of play and requires a new investment action.

NOURISHING YOUR NEST EGG  Investing in real estate with your IRA capital can allow you to plan for your retirement with ease. With cash-flowing property investments, you’ll be able to create a consistent income and save money quicker. This income is also tax deferred.

LOCAL LEVERAGE  Real estate investments provide a built-in advantage through knowledge of the area. Stock markets are complex and potentially volatile, and understanding all the factors that can impact your investment is difficult.

EASY EVALUATION  The real estate market is easy to evaluate when compared to investments in stocks. When you are seeking to assess the value of properties, the process is straightforward, whereas some experts disagree agree on the stock value of a company on any given day.

INVESTMENT TRANSPARENCY  With real estate investment, information is readily available to the buyer up front and easy to understand, as opposed to the stock market, where the actual operations of the company you invest in will not be nearly as accessible to you for evaluation.

BUYING BELOW MARKET VALUE  With adequate research and negotiations, real estate investors are able to secure property at prices or terms in their favor. As a property investor, you will have more control over transactions and negotiations than when purchasing stocks on a public exchange.

ADDING & HOLDING VALUE  As an investor in real estate, there are a number of things you can do to add value to your investment. With stocks, you do not have the power to control or improve the performance outlook of a stock you invest in. Stock market investments are typically based on what’s happening in a given day and tend to be more inherently volatile in value. The shifts in real estate values are typically slower and easier to predict making them more stable than stock investments. If you’re considering whether to invest in real estate or stocks, you should have a good idea on how each of the markets work.

Be sure to do your research and consult an expert before developing any investment plan.  If you would like to learn more or have a confidential discussion about investing in real estate call us at 602.352.3600 or Ask an Agent here.